things I’ve always dreamed of having

  1. a grand piano
  2. a pair of pointe ballet shoes. I can’t dance and have never studied ballet but they look very pretty. Thanks to Pinterest, I have seen ballet dancers’ feet. They don’t look so pretty.
  3. a pair of white skating boots. Another pointless exercise as there is the grand total of 0 permanent skating rinks in Dublin and I choose not to go to the temporary ones for various reasons. I blame Noel Streatfeild for that one.

I’m sure some people would call the piano a lot but I found a Kawaii I really liked, a second hand one, in a piano dealer in north Dublin a while ago, and it cost less than half the price of my Fiesta. Sometimes I think we set the wrong priorities when we demand people be Sensible all the time. Is the world really that damaged by my having a piano rather than a newer Fiesta?

I’m sure there are other things on the list. But those ones have been there since I was very young.